About Us

Excellent Investor Pty Ltd



Excellent Investor Pty Ltd is a multidimensional company and pioneers in the clean energy revolution focusing on Energy Saving Solutions, Solar Power, Asset Financing and including a portfolio of investments.

Our Mission

Excellent Investor is striving to create a sustainable environment to facilitate business and homes with environmentally clean baseload power to create a strong, sustainable and healthy planet for ours and future generations.  Our portfolio of investments focuses on growth, prosperity, stability & sustainability for our shareholders and the environment.


We are built from decades of experience in finance and investing and implimenting effective investment strategys that has been trialed and tested to benefit our business and shareholders.


We are a company that strives for innovation and continuous improvement to suit an ever evolving environmental and financial marketplace. We are dedicated to ensure that our investments are aligned with the companies mission and core values. We encourage you to join us in the clean energy revolution and enquire about our other investment opportunities.