Why an investment manager could save your Life(style)

Why an investment manager could save your Life(style)

It’s no secret we are busier than we’ve ever been as a society.  With more people seeking to escape from debt, change into a less hectic lifestyle or transition into healthier work-life balance, investments have become a hot topic.  Before you dive your hard-earned cash into the next the dinner party hot tip, let’s have a quick look at what it takes to win long-term in the share market beyond funding the account and pushing the buy button.


Before you dive into your first investment:

  • A basic understanding of accounting, reading financial statements
  • Willingness to give up some of your free time for ongoing education
  • Understand the power of compounding
  • Understanding of risk management (Capital Preservation is Important)
  • A love of reading (Annual Reports become your new best friend)
  • Understand your psychology one of the biggest battles for investors and traders is their mind (fear, greed and uncertainty wreak havoc)

What you receive from an investment manager:

  • Experience (You wouldn’t go to a Baker for Dental Work)
  • Ears and Eyes on a rapidly changing local and global economy
  • Education in Finance and Due Diligence
  • A fiendish love for spreadsheets and math
  • Understanding that investing is the long game
  • Risk control

I am sure it’s not beyond you to take on the markets but from my early experience and one failed marriage, for many people the demands of research, analysis and ongoing monitoring can take over your life lowering your performance in other areas, work, family and social.  Not only this but your financial performance suffers as your funds aren’t deployed or monitored as well as they might be.  With a manager, for an affordable fee you can have your money work harder for you while you are at rest, spending time with your loved ones and enjoying your life to the fullest whilst someone else manages the stress.

This is general information only and does not constitute financial advice, investment in financial assets can cause losses and should be undertaken at your own risk or after seeking professional advice.


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